Ian Dunt on Johnson's new Cabinet.

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Ian Dunt on Johnson's new Cabinet.

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This morning, Boris Johnson sat down with his new Cabinet of drone workers. Those with trace elements of independence have been sacked. Julian Smith, who dared to say no-deal would be a disaster, is gone. Geoffrey Cox, who maintained a last sliver of constitutional responsibility, went with him. Sajid Javid, who would not allow his department to become subjugated to No.10, resigned. They've been replaced by yes-men, sycophants and tribal loyalists. Subservience is prioritised over competence.
And a prediction,
Their plans will soon become a shambles. They will not have been tested in formulation or improved in implementation. They will be managed by people who lack in competence what they made up for in loyalty. They'll fall apart, in a million predictable and unpredictable ways.

The cause of that shambles will lie here, at the Cabinet table, and the petrified, trembling minds which selected the people who sat around it.
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Re: Ian Dunt on Johnson's new Cabinet.

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Yep, Chris Grey is equally scathing about the quality of the Cabinet.

Well, at least Johnson is making absolutely certain that if/when it all goes tits-up, the blame will be entirely owned by him.
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